askville, questiontown, referenceland, infoworld is getting into the community Q & A game with their new website AskVille. It’s in limited beta right now, but feel free to IM me (US and Canada only) and I’ll be happy to spot you an invite. My first impressions? Slick and pastellish with some neat features, but seems like it’s going to go more in the Yahoo Answers direction [high noise, low signal] than any other more authoritative AskA sites. I’ve asked a question and answered a question, but so far I’m not feeling real compelled to go back.

MIT Libraries’ Betas

MIT Libraries makes nifty little tools that are available for people to try out. Check out the MIT edition of LibX [see others], the MIT library Lookup Greasemonkey script for Firefox and the Dewey Research Advisor which is sort of a keyword searchable FAQ for business type research and reference questions.