4 comments for “I don’t care if you have a good reason

  1. 11Dec09 at 11:27

    Yecchh! What if you drop some Raisinettes? Do you pick them up?

  2. 13Dec09 at 1:29

    And then there was that study showing that aerosolization meant that everything kept in the bathroom, including washrags and toothbrushes, had trace amounts of feces on it.

  3. 17Dec09 at 9:19

    thats actually pretty gross, what happens if flecks of poop are floating around in the air and they contaminate the food area..

    actually i guess the snacks are wrapped up — but thats still pretty gross.

  4. 04Jan10 at 11:36

    That is indeed gross… bleh!

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