Readings & Research


Text for this class is the first edition of David Lankes' Expect More which you can get from this link (with his permission). You can read the whole thing, but for class we'll break it down into bite-sized chunks and use pieces of it to support the work we'll do in class. Other readings will be linked from the Syllabus and also available here.

List of other readings


  • Week 1 - Get to know Slack and interact with other students and me there.
  • Week 2 - Get to know people and groups working in your topic area.
  • Week 3 - Get to know good sources for getting statistical data about your topic area.
  • Week 4 - Find a personal profile or two from someone who is affected by your topic area.
  • Week 5 - Social media and infographics colorful mishmash.
  • Week 6 - None, you are good!