Welcome to Slack

Slack logoCourse discussion takes place in the class Slack channel. Slack has a website, a mobile app and a desktop app for all platforms. Download here. Students are not expected to have previous experience with Slack and we'll spend the first week learning its ins and outs with some basic assignments. Here are some tools to help you get started

Discussion Assignments

Assignments will be posted here by noon Tuesday. Students should expect to participate in discussions (1-3 substantive comments, more preferred) by the end of the day Thursday.

  • Week 1 - Introductions and interactions with other students in the Slack channel. Summary of a OLOS brief or TPL article.
  • Week 2 - How was it getting access to those two documents? Let’s discuss how the library worked for you.
  • Week 3 - Where do you get your numbers? We'll share places we found good stats on our topics, talk about how to use them to tell stories.
  • Week 4 - Discussion of the week’s readings and elevator pitch for your topic.
  • Week 5 - We'll discuss how advocacy organizations employ design and social media to create appealing/engaging environments for funders, clients and the public.
  • Week 6 - Give other students feedback on their final projects.