July 28, 2004

day 3 photos posted

My photos from Day 3 are up and viewable. They're all put out there with a Creative Commons license, so feel free to copy them, just not make money off of them. I'm behind on notes here, and there may be some backlog posting when the speeches finally wrap up. Speaking of the speeches, I'll be archiving the ones that I get, to the extent that I can, and sticking them in this directory as textfiles. Feel free to browse them. I've been using gmail's search capacity to see who is mentioning the USA PATRIOT Act [almost no one], gay marriage [no one] and security issues [a few coded mentions], today is the day when all the military folks speak, so I've been spending a bit more time posting from the library than usual. Posted by jessamyn at July 28, 2004 02:39 PM

Great Photos! Thanks for being there! Sorry you have a crappy view! Who are all those people who get to sit in betweeh the podiums? Very Important VIPS or just general party folk? I have been watching CSPAN so I don't have to listen to the "talking heads" busting up the speeches. But inquiring minds wanna know? Anyone?

Posted by: monique at July 28, 2004 03:00 PM

Dear Jessamyn,

I'm a long time reader of librarian.net & wanted to thank you for both that Web site & this one. I am especially enjoying your photos & captions from the convention. I've seen few photographs outside of the Fleet Center besides yours. I appreciate the images of the protests.

One quibble: I find several of your photographs dizzying. Photos 3 & 6 from day 3, for example, are oriented in a way that makes them much less effective. I'm not sure if it's because they were taken on a slant, or if your template switches the orientation by default. If it's your template, I'd venture to say it's an accessibility issue (I'm 27 & I can't look at those photos long without feeling seasick); if it's the way the photographs were taken, well, it's just a difference in style.

Thanks & keep up the great work.

Posted by: MG at July 28, 2004 03:40 PM

I hope to see the bloggers out there (at BOTH conventions) paying attention to the topics that get ignored by the newshandlers and arrangement specialists, out of a pathetic and trembling fear that something unscripted might happen.
-Orange Mike

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