July 25, 2004

on the road

I spent most of yesterday helping my sister put a new motherboard in her laptop, fixing the RSS feed of this site so it was parseable by the convention bloggers site [big thanks to Dave and Rogers], and trying to keep up with the inexorable tide of media content flooding out of Boston like millions of gallons of molasses. We're getting in the car while 93 is still open and heading to Somerville which is my home base for the week. I'm writing this up this morning because everyone's still asleep and, I've come to realize that the way I "blog" [and I guess I didn't use that as a verb until just recently] is significantly more end-of-the-day me-in-a-quiet-room here's-what-happened style. Which is to say that you don't need to keep hitting "reload" on this feed/page. I expect to update a few times a day, not a few times an hour. But who knows, I might even surprise myself. Posted by jessamyn at July 25, 2004 07:23 AM

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I hope to see the bloggers out there (at BOTH conventions) paying attention to the topics that get ignored by the newshandlers and arrangement specialists, out of a pathetic and trembling fear that something unscripted might happen.
-Orange Mike

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