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Call For Papers: The Reference Librarian

Hi. I am going to be a guest editor of an upcoming issue of The Reference Librarian. The topic for this issue is Ask A Librarian [Aska] and Tutorial services -- comparing and contrasting library models and more consumer-oriented models.
We are primarily interested in analyzing how good/bad the various commercial Aska services are, and how they compare with library services. This means services from Ask Jeeves to Google Answers to your own reference desk or web email reference forms. We are looking for comprehensive coverage for this issue more than exacting academic treatises [though those are also welcome]. Some topics we are interested in include:
  • "how we do it here" stories about starting, assessing or ending "ask a librarian" services
  • experiences with collaborative reference tools
  • experience working at remote reference jobs
  • outsourcing reference services: highs and lows, who uses them and why
  • librarians' or info professionals' opinions of online reference services
  • political ramifications of offsite or outsourced reference
  • the truth behind the assertion that "it's all available online"
  • cultural and/or language barriers to text-based reference services
  • good and bad points about individual online services, what do you pay for and why?
  • patrons' experiences with these tools, from a library perspective
  • interviews with prominent or compelling people in the Aska or online reference fields [marketing hype unwelcome]
We are especially interested in hearing from foreign and non-traditional libraries and librarians. At some level papers should relate to the idea of library services, whether directly or indirectly. This is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal put out by Haworth Press, publisher of Small Fruits Review. The Reference Librarian is also usually published as a monographic "separate." I am not getting paid, you will also not be getting paid. However, primary authors receive two complimentary copies of the issue and ten copies of their article. Junior authors will receive two complimentary copies of the issue. I am also a peach to work with, you can ask Katia.
Articles should aim for the 10-30 page [2,500 - 7,500 words] range, please include applicable footnotes and bibliography. Longer is better than shorter. Articles will need to be submitted, to me, in hard copy and on disk, by the April 1st deadline. This deadline is non-negotiable. Articles should be double-spaced, on standard white paper, with all illustrations, figures and tables "camera-ready" You must sign a release form giving rights to the publisher, Haworth Press. Since this is not my project, I am in no position to negotiate on this, please come ready to sign a release form for your work.
Other questions can be referred to me via the email links above. I will entertain all questions. Please send me a brief note of intent with an informal abstract [I delete huge attachments, send as text please] letting me know what your subject is, and we can chitchat about all the minutae of submitting final copy.
If you're new to this site, I am Jessamyn West, editor, and co-editor [with Katia Roberto] of the upcoming book, Revolting Librarians Redux. A little more info is here, and my personal site is at You can email me at the link above, or or call me at 206-860-1610.
Thank you so much for even reading this far.

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