July 19, 2004

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Senator Leahy - one of my representatives from the teeny state of Vermont - has a newsletter that you can get via an email list or an RSS feed. Not bad, maybe I can chat with him about this next week. Posted by jessamyn at July 19, 2004 11:30 AM

Can You Imagine deciding for yourself? (“I Could”)

The week was yours. I attended some of your off-site Forums. Everything seems upbeat; victory is possible. But Democratic Hopefuls: BEWARE.

I agree that the extremists and those claiming allegiance with the Archangel Gabriel need to be voted out of office. Michael Moore is “right on”. I am one of the many who warned the President about 9-11 BEFORE 9-11. (I have lectured on airport security; I am a commercial pilot who regularly flew over the still-standing Twin Towers; and I helped produce the B-767 airplane(s) that were used as flying bombs against the Trade Center). Lastly, I agree, as a registered Democrat, that the Republicans are Shock Radio carried into The White House, and enough is enough!

But, I will not vote for Kerry. Many of us, including millions of the undecided, are looking for a champion, not politics as usual. As the photographer Ansel Adams declared, “There’s nothing worse than a clear picture of a blurry subject”. Who is Kerry? For what does the Democratic Party really stand…i.e. not just the words in election speeches? Having just returned from China, I noticed at their Harvard-M.I.T. counterpart (i.e. the Tsinghua Campus of Beijing University), the inscribed words Fagta non Verba (“Actions not Words”). Kerry’s rhetoric and record might seem the lesser of two evils, but he’s still an “evil”. The greatest problems facing the world do NOT belong to those who are clearly good or clearly evil, but those who cannot make of their mind. With Bush you know precisely, exactly, without any doubt, what the problem is. That I can evaluate and respond to. And our truly frightening situation today is that we have two candidates, one an incumbent President and one an incumbent Senator claiming he’s a leader too. The senator followed the president and voted for a bad war…..a REALLY bad war. The senator followed the president’s lead on the Patriot Act. It gets worse. Kerry had the power (when it mattered) to lead. He chose not to. Now, his rationale is just like Bush’s. “Whoops!” “Not my fault”. “I didn’t check the facts”. ”Bad hair day!”

“Whoops” will not do it when you’re talking champions of the people. And in the privacy of the voting booth, the majority of American’s will not be willing to admit the hardest of life’s admissions” I was wrong”. They must vote for Bush. The consequence of contrition for this war is staggering. Americans are not to ready to owe up for being “un-American”. They’ll shake their heads during Michael’s film; but they have no champion to weather the storm.

And if you want further harsh insight, consider this. The Democrats believe that the party line “We’re much nicer than them” is going to prevail. To the contrary, this administration has discovered (perhaps money? Perhaps fear? Perhaps indifference?) that you can fool most of the people most of the time. Nice is out.

My earlier warnings about The Twin Towers were merely educated guesses and utterly far-fetched before it happened. Here’s more. As we get right on top of the election, count on Weapons of Mass Destruction being uncovered. “Whoops” will suffice, after the election, when they turn out to be old cans of Burma Shave. As for the debates (where Kerry plans on doing to Bush what Kennedy did to Nixon): What debates? One at best; and if he looks like Fahrenheit Bush, then a national emergency will develop. This stuff has worked beautifully so far; why change? As far as Cheney and Edwards go, (can we forget titles and go with facts here?) President Cheney will make the highly competent Edwards nonetheless look “Quayle-ish”. And (if Edwards looks really good), don’t forget, President Cheney’s new physician stands ready to advise him to gallantly withdraw, perhaps with the same grace that George Tenet discovered his family roots right before the 9-11 Commission made it’s conclusions. Yup. They’re all for “family” and “Mom’s Apple Pie”. What a great bunch. How can our politicians and great orators say anything bad enough about them (without first spinning it to cover all angles)?

In Charge Of Our Own Destiny
Demand a Better Future.

Posted by: abers at July 29, 2004 01:32 PM

I hope to see the bloggers out there (at BOTH conventions) paying attention to the topics that get ignored by the newshandlers and arrangement specialists, out of a pathetic and trembling fear that something unscripted might happen.
-Orange Mike

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