July 13, 2004

I guess it's really true, my acceptance email

Dear Blogger,

Congratulations on being one of the first-ever bloggers to be credentialed to the Democratic National Convention. The Democratic National Convention Committee is excited to welcome you to Boston.

If you have not already received your official notification via the US Mail you should receive one shortly. This letter, along with a valid photo ID, is what you will need to pick up your credentials. If you have not received your official notification by Thursday July 15th, please send an email to m_liddell[at]dems2004.org.

Below is some important information about just a few of the things we have planned for credentialed bloggers during the Convention. Please watch your email inbox or join the Yahoo Group mentioned below for the most up-to-date news and information.

Hotel Rooms

The Democratic National Convention has reserved a block of hotel rooms for credentialed bloggers. These rooms are not free but have been reserved in advance for credentialed bloggers. More information on how to reserve a room will be available shortly.

Travel and Transportation

We encourage you to check out the Visiting Boston section of our Web site for information on travel to Boston, including discounted airfare. The Web site also features detailed information on transportation for Convention attendees, parking, and accessibility. Visit www.dems2004.org/visitingboston for more information.

WiFi at the FleetCenter

Credentialed bloggers will be able to log on to the Internet and post from the FleetCenter wirelessly. To access the network you will need an 802.11b wireless card. Additionally, you must send your MAC address to m_liddell[at]dems2004.org (MAC address example: 00-0D-60-28-B4-29). Once you have sent your MAC address you will receive an SSID and the Web key that will allow you to log onto the network.

Note: WiFi access will be monitored for inappropriate use for your protection. Anyone using the network irresponsibly will have their access terminated. Please use the network for Convention-related activities only.

You're Invited: Blogger Breakfast

On the first day of the Convention, Monday July 26th, the Democratic National Convention Committee is hosting a Blogger Breakfast for credentialed bloggers. Watch your email inbox for an official invite and additional information.

Workspace at the FleetCenter

The DNCC is excited to announce that credentialed bloggers will have workspace within the 'bowl' of the FleetCenter. This space will give bloggers an excellent opportunity to watch speeches, monitor floor activity, and interact with other Convention participants.

The Democratic News Service

An important resource available to all media during the Convention is the Democratic News Service (DNS). The DNS is a full-featured media facility created to help connect elected officials and candidates with voters across the country via television, radio and the Internet. Located in the Fleet Center, the DNS Internet team is available to assist bloggers who are interested in arranging interviews and guest blogging opportunities. There is no cost to bloggers for this assistance. For more information please contact Chris Casey at ch_casey[at]dems2004.org

Press Registration

Bloggers can sign up to receive the latest press releases, texts of speeches, and media advisories through our press registration form at http://www.dems2004.org/registration.

Yahoo Group

We've set up a Yahoo Group for credentialed bloggers at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/conventionbloggers/. We will be posting the latest information and updates to the group and will respond to questions and comments. We'll also continue to use the public Democratic National Convention blog, www.bostondparty.com.

Thanks and we’re looking forward to seeing you in Boston!

Mike Liddell
Director of Online Communications
2004 Democratic National Convention Committee

Eric Schnure
2004 Democratic National Convention Committee

Posted by jessamyn at July 13, 2004 10:06 AM

you should tell your delegates to show some despect for the american flag. I have watched them throw them, drop them on the floor, and to sit on them. The American Flag is never supposted to touch the floor. I am not a democrate and it sicken's me to see people who claim to be such great americans defile the Flag of this country. It just shows what utter distain for this country you democrates have when you think no one is watching or listening. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Posted by: howard person at July 28, 2004 11:49 PM

I've also seen on the floor delegates like myself who handle our flags with utmost respect, and some who were walking around the convention floor rescuing fallen flags. The problem is that our disposable culture has not found a way to deal with the intersection between disposability and reverence. Obvious example: the Hebrew-language newspaper some years back which accidentally printed the NAME due to a typo. All the copies of the misprint had to be destroyed, of course; but it had to be done reverently.

Orange Mike

Posted by: Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey at July 30, 2004 12:52 PM

I hope to see the bloggers out there (at BOTH conventions) paying attention to the topics that get ignored by the newshandlers and arrangement specialists, out of a pathetic and trembling fear that something unscripted might happen.
-Orange Mike

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