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Title slide: You Tubin, create and share content on your own YouTube channel, the URL for the talk and a YouTube color scheme. Image of me in a YouTube video frame
I assume you know what YouTube is, image of a video called 'pet Pigeon puts himseld to bed' which has gotten 2.1 million views
For fun, image of cell phone with an upright video of Maritime Bangra sikh man dancing on a rainbow colored ground
To learn things, image of horizontal phone with video of a woman removing the back seat of her Honda CRV
Or both, image of a laptop with a video of a young girl making scones
Or just listen to music, image of a computer window with a forest scene and the caption 'beautiful relaxing music'
Today we'll talk about
- Setting up your YouTube channel
- Basics of video creation & upload
- Lots of vocabulary
- Privacy, copyright and accessibility concerns - Your questions
Section 1: The basics. A few things you need to know before you even get going
Large quote 'YouTube is owne“d by Google so if you have a Google/Gmail account, you have a YouTube account already. Otherwise, you will need a Google account.'
Large quote 'Kids can't have th“eir own accounts (the minimum age is 13) but they can have a linked account set up for them via Family Link.'
Ignore YouTube ads, slide explains that YouTube TV is just a thing YouTube is relentlessly pushing and not part of this. Image is a screenshot of one of those ads
Section 2: What you should know
A few things to understand about YouTube's universe

Vocabulary: - Channel & Studio
- Streaming (different for phone/computer) - Playlists - your own stuff or others' stuff - Autoplay
- Subscribing -Search and Watch History

Screen shot of YouTube home page for a generic user, pointing out how you can tell no one is logged in by looking in the upper right

Screenshot of my dad's YouTube showing him logged in in the upper corner and how the videos are different, geared towards an older man including 70s music and an ad trying to solicit veterans for something

Screenshot of same page when I am logged in showing a different assortment of videos including a quiz show I like to watch, some funny meme channels and John Hinkley playing guitar
Shot of a mobile phone showing how YouTube looks different on mobile but showing the same locations for how you can tell who is logged in (upper right) and what an ad looks like

Section 3: Steps to take, decisions to make
Get Your Channel, shows where you find the
Basic Features vs. Additional, two lists, one showing that you get with basic account: Uploads, Playlists and Collaborators, and the other showingwhat you can get with phone verification: Longer videos (15+), Custom thumbnails,
Live streaming (desktop)
Lanscape vs. Portait, defines these terms and shows examples
Image of fancy ring light on an outdoor deck with the heading 'Lighting?'
Image of video with phone musicians singing in to a microphone with the heading 'Audio?'

Once you've got a video.... Title it and add a description, Put it on a playlist, add a location if you want. Your video is public unless you make it private, Is it
Pick a good thumbnail, Check the other sections to make sure you're sharing what you think you're sharing.. screenshot of YouTube showing where the thumbnails are and how you could select one

YouTube studio has many useful features:
Basic video editing, adding a soundtrsck, blurring segments of the video, adding an

Section 4: Copyright, privacy & accessibility
Copyright: (quote from YouTube) 'You should only upload content (including music, videos, and artwork) that you created or that you're authorized to use; otherwise, this could result in a copyright violation.'
Accessibility: YouTube offers closed captions or you can add these yourself. Captions let people read a written transcript of
the video, and possibly even get them translated.
Screenshot from YouTube video of me speaking with closed captions turned on with arrow showing where and how to turn them on and off.
Privacy: Listed - anyone can find it or search for it, Unlisted - not listed publicly but people with the link can see it, Private - only visible to you, other people can't see it at all
Screenshot of part of the page in the 'Your data on YouTube' showing how to turn YouTube's search and watch history on and off
Screenshot from Baby Shark video with closed caption saying 'it's the end'
Final slide with URL of talk and my contact information: Jessamyn West,, Questions?