The Last 15%

Libraries Easing

the Empowerment Divide

Southern Tier Library System
Painted Post NY
October 13, 2016

The Last 15%

Slides and Notes

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  • Draft horses bring fiber optics to remote locations
  • Overview of the fastest fiber broadband plans in Singapore
  • History of power generation at Niagara Falls
  • History of Edison power in Los Angeles
  • Steuben Coop newsletter
  • Steuben Historical Society Facebook
  • Digital Divides 2015 a presentation by Pew Internet's Lee Rainie
  • Pew report on digital readiness for e-learning
  • Yahoo password breach news article
  • TaxProf on the IRS vulnerability
  • Pew Libraries at the Crossroads report (pdf), PBS article about that report, my tweet response
  • Did Amazon just replace the public library? (because they opened a bookstore)
  • AirBnB's passive-aggressive ads
  • NDIA: The FCC Takes On Digital Inclusion Beyond Lifeline
  • Digital Inclusion Day 2016 (recap) Credits