The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good

Jessamyn West


What sort of a word is OPAC?

Well it's better than "online card catalog" yes?

What choices can we make?

What can we configure?

More than we might think. Colors, defaults, layouts, features. Some "features" the vendor may try to sell you can be kludged in from other sources.

What's ugly?

Some local examples: 

What can be ugly: color schemes, layout, URLs, results, clickpaths

What's bad?

Usability means Here are a few specifcs.

What's good?

What's next?


Jessamyn West is a community technology librarian and the editor of the weblog librarian.net. She teaches email classes for seniors, builds tiny websites for tiny libraries and advocates for sensible technology use for everyone.

IM her at iamthebestartist.

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