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Jessamyn West

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Hi, My Name is Jessamyn....

...and I have a blog.

This page lives on a part of it.

You're reading it right now!

Daily show on blogs, how I got and, how I saw things change. wireless, once you realize it's an hour and $50 you change the way you look at web publishing.

What blogs are, generally

What blogs are [philosophically]

What blogs are not [usually]

In general they're a good tool for doing something else, not an end in and of themselves.

Who has blogs?

The function without the form: RSS

Syndication is what turns blogs into publishing. Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication You'll also need to know about RSS readers: NetNewsWire for Mac, more options from blogspace, from

More on RSS

how to learn more

Who has RSS feeds?

Libraries and Librarians with blogs/feeds

Blogs/Feeds In General

Library tools via blogs/feeds?

Blogs/Feeds In Specific


Blogs inform. Blogs tell stories. Blogs personalize.

RSS is quick. RSS is easy. RSS is sensible.

Few things in librarianship are fun, easy, and work-related.

This is for you.

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Jessamyn West is a community tech mentor for AmeriCorps working with the Kimball Library in Randolph Vermont. She runs the weblog and is an American Library Association At Large Councilor. She has had a blog since before they were called that. IM her at iamthebestartist.

I got some good ideas for this talk from Steven and Amanda. This presentation was created in HTML using CSS. There was no PowerPoint involved in this presentation except as a nagging bad example. The layout and stylesheet are available to borrow via a share and share alike creative commons license. See source code for details.
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