Flickr, Tagging, and the F-Word

Jessamyn West


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Simple Social Software But what's the big deal?


Metadata... links: my popular tags, popular tags
libraries tag: mine, all, clusters
orange tag: mine, all, clusters

Please read more:
Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia by Cory Doctorow [old, still good]

Tagging vs Classification

It's not a fight. The systems can co-exist. But we need to recognize the differences between paper and digital data.

The F-Word

FOLKSONOMY Please read more
Metadata for the Masses by Peter Merholz
Grassroots Cooperative Categorization Of Digital Content Assets: Folksonomies, What They Are, Why They Work by Robin Good

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Jessamyn West is the editor of the weblog and the co-editor of Revolting Librarians Redux. She works as a community technology mentor with people and libraries in Central Vermont.

Her latest writing about technology appears Searcher Magazine. Her latest writing about midget wrestling appears in Wikipedia. IM her at iamthebestartist. Look at her Flickr pictures here. Thanks to Mom for the background photo.

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