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Submission Deadline April 15th

If you have already submitted an abstract and have had it approved, please try to either get us a manuscript or an excuse by the 15th.

If you have an excuse, please keep in mind that we are working from an actual contract with McFarland and we now have an obligation to deliver your piece. Keep this in mind as you finish up. Please deliver to us your manuscript [as little formatting as possible, text is preferred], one book title for our booklist and/or one URL for our URL list if you so desire. Also send us an About the Author piece of 50 words or less. Longer About the Author submissions will be edited grievously for length. If you prefer a pseudonym, please make that painfully clear.The deadline we are working from is in late Summer so please don't dilly-dally too much.

Authors will be receiving hearty acknowledgements and if there is a cash windfall or a speaking tour involved, they will be get a piece of it.

Call for Submissions is here, for historical reference.


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