revolting librarians!
The Book is Out!

Revolting Librarians Redux is now available. Here is a link to the Table of Contents. You can buy it from McFarland, or Powell's, or find a local indie bookstore via Booksense.

It's had a few good reviews

...though only one on Amazon [someone else review it please?]. Here is the original call for papers.

Paperback: 229 pages ; Dimensions: 0.52 x 9.94 x 6.92
Publisher: McFarland & Company; (May 8, 2003)
ISBN: 0786416084

Contributors: Katia Roberto, Jessamyn West, Celeste West, Katherine West, Elizabeth Katz, Marilyn Gell Mason, Art Plotnik, Sanford Berman, Jana Varlejs, Judy Hadley, Elspeth Pope, Reva Basch, Noel Peattie, Paul Axel-Lute, Moe Giust, Alison Bechdel, Karen Elliott, Jess Nevins, Barbara Bourrier-Lacroix, W. Beauchamp, Tracy Brennan, Daniel C. Tsang, Diana Brawley Sussman, Piers Denton, Keith Buckley, Katharine Salzmann, Cathy & Jennifer Camper, Biblio l'Teca, C.M. Stupegia, Erica Olsen, Rory Litwin, Polly Thistlethwaite, Emily-Jane Dawson, Cindy Indiana, Bruce Jensen, Chris Zammarelli, Karen Antell, Naomi Eichenlaub, Chris Dodge, Jennifer Young, Toni Samek, Owen Massey, Tara Alcock, Chuck Munson, George Lederer, Patricia A. Threatt, Pam North, Kate Pohjola, Jenna Freedman, Catherine Clements, Dean Dylan Hendrix, Michelle Wilde, David M. Pimentel, Dan Cherubin

"those librarians are revolting!"