Core Values of Librarianship

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TTW 2020: Core Values of Librarianship

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Core Values of Librarianship - the basics, not-so-basics and a few pain points (that last part is in red) plus my name and URL of this talk
Picture of me waving, the word
Title slide: The Basics
Core values of librarianship: access, confidentiality & privacy, democracy, diversity (inclusion?), education and lifelong learning, intellectual freedom, preservation, the public good, professionalism, service, social responsibility, sustainability, (transparency?)
Intellectual Freedom:
Library Bill of Rights, a list. I. Resources for your entire community. Do not exclude based on author's background/views/life. II. Resources reflect ALL points of view. III. We challenge censorship and we work with those who challenge censorship. IV. Everyone deserves privacy.  Advocating for privacy is our job. V. Everyone deserves to use the library and its spaces.
Unambiguous? then a long-ass list of all the things they have written interpretations about: Access to Digital Resources and Services - Access to Library Resources and Services for Minors - Access to Library Resources and Services Regardless of Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, or Sexual Orientation - Access to Resources and Services in the School Library - Challenged Resources - Diverse Collections - Economic Barriers to Information Access - Education and Information Literacy - Equity, Diversity, Inclusion - Evaluating Library Collections - Expurgation of Library Materials - Internet Filtering - Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries - Labeling Systems - Library-Initiated Programs and Displays as a Resource - Meeting Rooms - Minors and Online Activity - Politics in American Libraries - Prisoners' Right to Read - Privacy - Rating Systems - Religion in American Libraries  - Restricted Access to Library Materials - Services to People with Disabilities - Universal Right to Free Expression - User-Generated Content in Library Discovery Systems - User-Initiated Exhibits, Displays, and Bulletin Boards - Visual and Performing Arts in Libraries
Title Slide: The not-so-basics
Hey, Ranganathan! with an image of the man on a

Five laws of library science: Books are for use. Every person their book. Every book its reader. Save the time of the reader (reader is in red).
Library is a growing organism.
Why values matter: They are the backbones to our policies. They are a promise of what we stand for. They guide our decisions and help us make difficult choices in resource-limited situations. They are signals to vendors, patrons, potential employees. They can help us make mid-course corrections if we go astray.
What'smissing? Leadership, Progress, Passion, Innovation, Disruption (mercifully, imo)
Title Slide: Carnegie, as a safe example.
Image slide, Dread Pirate Roberts from Pricess Bride. Caption:
Vocational Awe is Dangerous
Image of tweet from American Library association suggesting closing public libraries.
Sticky Wickets: Librarianship used to be more homogenous. That was a problem. Now it's less homogenous and we shouldn't treat THAT like a problem. Optics Matter (aka the Dumpster Dilemma) Decolonization is Important but Difficult. The
intellectual freedom vs. safe space
no labels vs. genre stickers
all points of view vs. fake news
cameras vs. privacy
popular vs.
censorship vs. selection
we're the government vs. we're for everyone
filters vs. intellectual freedom ideals
 limited vs. unlimited resources
 public access vs. publoc health
Final slide asking if there are questions