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it’s tax time again…

And here is some advice I’ve pulled off of the VTLIBRARIES mailing list about tax assistance for people with disabilities. Here is an obligatory link to an article outlining the effect on some public libraries (in Maine in this case) … Continue reading

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“You May See an Increase in Patrons” – IRS kicks paper tax filers out of the nest.

We can talk about whether there’s really a problem with people not knowing how to use a computer in the abstract. I think my life is enriched by having access to and knowledge about technology, but it’s tough to make … Continue reading

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a few stats for tax time

Only sort of related to libraries, but since it’s National Library Week and coincidentally tax week in the US, I thought you might be interested in reading this article about how and why the IRS is moving to e-filing. To … Continue reading

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where we get our information

I’m moving house this week, so I’m living out of my inbox more than usual. I’ve been getting emails about a Library Hotline article I was quoted in, from my talk at ALA. I gave a presentation with Louise Alcorn … Continue reading

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Issue: Library Consolidation in Indiana

One of the constant threats that small libraries have to contest with is threat of closure. In Vermont where I live many small libraries just barely stay open because people in the town advocate for them and the decision ultimately … Continue reading

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