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librarian.net is rocking wordpress 2.3

Hi. I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 today because I just noticed a bug in the tagging plug-in I was using which means that any time I approved a comment for a particular post, the tags associated with that post vanished. … Continue reading

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cross-site promotion, are you on metafilter?

Me and the nice people from MetaFilter are starting an ambitious back-tagging project where a team of volunteers will be adding tags to the 42,000 posts that were on the website before we added the tagging functionality. We’re hoping that … Continue reading

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tagswarming @ your library

The Missouri Botanical Garden is tagging the illustrations in their collection using volunteers and a shared del.icio.us account. They call this approach TagSwarming. Here is their tag cloud, and here is the blog entry from the digital library guy who … Continue reading

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taggytastic sums it up – tag cloud 4 your OPAC?

How great is it to be able to see the tag cloud of the materials in your library catalog? How many ways can you slice this and it comes out interesting? This is based on a mock-up that Jenny did, … Continue reading

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hi – 06nov

Hi. I’ve been reading Jakob Nielsen’s Homepage Usability book and have made some modifications to my sidebar to make some of my stuff a little more findable. Any of you rss readers who wants to remind themselves about the lovely … Continue reading

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