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FBI takes library computers without a warrant

That’s what it looks like to me from reading this news article. Even though I’m not thrilled about that, I don’t see anything in the library’s policies that woud prevent this from happening. Does your library have a privacy policy? … Continue reading

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two links from the internet and one from my life

BOFH stands for Bastard Operator From Hell. This entry is about vampire librarians, or something. Can architects save librarians from the Internet? Slashdot talking about Slate. ListenUpVermont, a project to get participating Vermont libraries together to be able to lend … Continue reading

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make sure you know the gazingus protocol!

Every now and then I’m asked if I know how to do something I don’t know how to do. Most recently this came about when the staff at the school I work at wanted to learn Macromedia Contribute, for messing … Continue reading

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