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using itunes as a cheap and easy music preview tool

While we’re talking about social software, let’s talk about libraries using the tools that their students and patrons are already using. Union College in Schenectaty NY takes advantage of iTunes’ feature allowing other people on the same network to listen…

on reading: books v audio books

I count audio books on my reading list, same as all other books, as long as they’re unabridged. Two links about audiobooks, the New York Times writes in defense of audiobooks in Loud, Proud, Unabridged: It Is Too Reading! while…

sounds like a librarian to me

If you were ga-ga over Noah Wylie in The Librarian, you can download some of the soundtrack music for it.

how popular are podcasts really?

The Pew Internet survey says that 6 million people have downloaded podcasts. Here’s some discussion about why that number is probably somewhat, or even very, overstated. [rc3]