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hi – 09mar

Hi. It’s my Mom’s birthday today. Happy birthday Jessamyn’s Mom, the woman who instilled in me an early and eternal love of reading, helping people, and learning oddball trivia and other wacky facts. You can go check out her web … Continue reading

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hi – 04feb

Hi. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0 which you probably didn’t even notice unless you spend a lot of time messing about with my tags which are ever so slightly broken. The upgrade was incredibly easy and WordPress 2.0 has a … Continue reading

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hi – 06jan

Hi. I gave a new version of an old talk today to about 40 people at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. It’s gotten to to the point that many of the librarians and library students that I speak to … Continue reading

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hi – 20dec

Hi. Anyone who reads this site at its web address instead of via an RSS reader will notice that the default stylesheet has changed. I modified a freely available theme because I wanted something with different levels of navigation. Thanks … Continue reading

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hi – 18dec

Hi. Posting has been a bit sporadic here because my old iBook had its fourth logic board fail. So, this is a short story about technology for you. My iBook had left me in the lurch three times thanks to … Continue reading

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