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How many Harry Potters do you buy?

This is from a reader’s email. I know if you’re a bookstore you can pretty much order as many Harry Potters as you can, because you know they will sell, but how does a library decide how many Harry Potter … Continue reading

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previews and spoilers in a 2.0 age

This is only loosely library-related. I remember when one of the Harry Potter books came out and I was working in a library. I realized they got the book early and were just in some weird way honor bound not … Continue reading

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google video find: harry and the potters play live

Harry and the Potters perform the Troll Song at the Emily Fowler Public Library in Denton, Texas

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more on the topic of digital distribution and Harry Potter

Can you tell that I just added Freedom to Tinker back into my RSS reader? This post about how quickly digital copies of the newest Harry Potter book made it on to the Internet in text and audio — despite … Continue reading

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read it yet?

If someone could drop me a note and let me know who dies in the Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince, I’d really appreciate it. We got the book on CD at the library last week and I had a brief … Continue reading

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