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my first audiobook – a day in the life

I had a long day at work today. I went to teeny library number one and noticed their Internet wasn’t working. Apparently it had been down for days, a service guy was on the way. I climbed around under the … Continue reading

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libraries and DRM

The Listening Post blog over at Wired has an interesting little post about libraries that use Overdrive to “check out” digital content. The content only plays on Windows machines and comes with Digital Rights Management that tries to prevent copying … Continue reading

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librarian mention in the movies

“Yesterday, an 80-year-old librarian broke my penis.” (link 100% safe for work unless the word penis isn’t safe for work, in which case you’re sort of screwed already aren’t you?)

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fair but wrong, some thoughts about DRM from the British Library among others

British Library says that DRM makes it tough to do its job. Libraries are allowed to give access to, copy and distribute items through “fair dealing” and “library privilege” clauses in copyright law. But as publishers attempt to stop the … Continue reading

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two posts on michigan library tech

Two worthwhile stories from Ed Vielmetti’s blog Vacuum. Sony rootkit music off the Ann Arbor District Library’s purchase list – a story about Ed’s librarian telling him of their decision to not buy music from Sony that installs “rootkit like” … Continue reading

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