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more librarian at the library escapades

My boyfriend and I wanted to go to a museum this weekend so we called his local library to see what museum passes they had available. The woman on the phone told us to check the website. We did. The … Continue reading

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links to two customer service stories you might like

#1. Does not happen in a library. Happens to a librarian. No swearing. #2. Happens in a library. Happens with a librarian. Some swearing, actually mostly swearing.

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“open to the public” != public library – a day (almost) at the Newberry

I had a free day in Chicago today and was planning some library visits. Usually when I’m in Chicago I just go to the downtown library and then complain. This time I wanted to go someplace different, and out of … Continue reading

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co-browsing: why use software that you can’t use and patrons don’t like?

The Librarian in Black has a few more things to say about co-browsing in her post How much is co-browsing really helping our users? I stopped trying to use co-browsing a long time ago. It’s bad customer service to give … Continue reading

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the plural of manifesto is?

I’ve liked the idea of manifestos since I started rattling the idea of an OPAC Manifesto a ways back [it was a wiki before everyone had a wiki, and I didn’t like being a wiki-mom so now it just has … Continue reading

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