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Original “comics are bad for you” research declared shoddy. Thank your librarian.

Behavioral problems among teenagers and preteens can be blamed on the violence, sex and gore portrayed in the media marketed to them – that was the topic of televised public hearings held by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency … Continue reading

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“And it’s free,” San Francisco Public Library in its own words, and pictures

Terrific long illustration of a day in the life of SFPL, by Wendy McNaughton.

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cat and girl listen to the news

“When you think of librarians you might think….”

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comix about librarians

The geeky among you should have already heard of xkcd, for those who haven’t, they did a strip today about librarians. [thanks mike]

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monkey in the library!

If the gorilla were so smart, you’d think he’d know that he doesn’t need to rob the library, they’d let him borrow the books for free. [thanks jake!]

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