what to do with that card catalog

I just had to arrange for moving my card catalog from a friend’s place in SF to another friend’s place in SF. I keep meaning to go get it but I live in Vermont and it’s never risen to the top of the priority list. I have a big 70′s-looking card catalog at my summer place up north. It’s big and lovely but probably too big to get up the stairs here. The blog Desire to Inspire [found through my Flickr stats] has a neat set of photos showing you other things you can do with card catalogs, including storing catalog cards!

text / messages : books by artists

Random happenstance led me to this lovely little blog post about an art exhibit inspired by the Walker Art Center’s card catalog.

crafty card catalog lovers

Card Catalog Quilt. [thanks kari]

cARTalog – card catalog art

Cartalog is an online gallery of card catalog art, a great companion to John Blyberg’s Catalog Card Generator, check this post for more information about how the generator came about. Sadly, by the time I heard about the cartalog, they were no longer sending out cards.

what to do with old library cards

Catalog card post cards, by Amanda. Lovely.