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A good old fashioned linkdump

Public domain photograph by: US Navy, National Science Foundation. Link. I’m back at home after meeting with a lot of terrific librarians in four different states. March is the busy month and after last month my plan is “not getting … Continue reading

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“What do they expect us to do, go to the library?” a wrap-up of the SOPAstrike

I was surprised by how much activity there was yesterday over SOPA/PIPA. If you’ve been following along you’ll know that SOPA/PIPA are the House and Senate versions of a bill that has been proposed in order to manage the fact … Continue reading

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AP: Activist librarians shake quiet, meek stereotype

“Quite a trick, being able to posture as a radical, while at the same time being fawned over by the mainstream media” says the Conservator blog about the recent AP wire story about activist librarians. I thought so too; Jenna … Continue reading

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