Month: June 2004

hi – 29jun

Hi. Apparently, due to a screw up by somebody, the very clever “talk” I was to give at ALA didn’t happen. A computer was ordered for the program and didn’t arrive. Suckamo. I’ll save the talk for later and not-so-secretly…

USAPA in full effect? and they can take my house keys??

Oh hey guess what? Remember when Ashcroft called us all “hysterics” and then showed us convincing documents stating that section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act had never been used? Apparently it now has been. [laz]

happy ala conference

Hope all of you at ALA are having a good time. Here is a sneak peek at my “talk” that I am giving in absentia at the Revolting Librarians panel today at ALA.

how to help your library not look stupid

PUBLIB librarians have compiled a final list of “things making libraries look stupid” which should be read by anyone involved in library policy, as well as library staffers. We just call a lot of these things “good customer service” where…