Month: October 2003


Hi. I’ve gotten one report that people can’t see the links in the header above. If anyone else is having this problem can you drop me an email and tell me what OS/browser you are using? Thanks. Also, I am…


Those smarties at MIT are finding ways to share music without either breaking the law or paying through the nose for individual copies of all the music. The secret? Cable TV. Meet LAMP the Libraries Access to Music Project. [nyt,…

shut up and what?

As per usual, it’s good to remember that not all patrons appreciate our anti-PATRIOT Acts. In fact some don’t even seem to understand what we do for a living…. Okay librarians, let’s get this straight. You stack books in a…

even more tools for the disabled

Illinois libraries serving the visually disabled are testing out a new virtual reference service for the visually impaired called InfoEyes. [lisnews]


Guess which profession gets the fewest speeding tickets, after homemakers?