Heading to Portland for PLA?

Library students Turner Masland, Rebecca Chernay, Amy Frazier and Serenity Ibsen have made a delightful video The Visiting Librarian’s Guide to Portland. Donut and coffee suggestions and a lively soundtrack. And remember: Couch Street is pronounced “cooch.” Aaron Schmidt has also written a Walking Guide to Portland that is useful and the PLA Blog has a list of Portland libraries in case you’re like me and like to visit local libraries while you’re out and about.

2 comments for “Heading to Portland for PLA?

  1. 20Mar10 at 7:55

    May I also suggest Food Carts Portland and Portland Beer. For those librarians who may enjoy food, or beer.

  2. Kelly
    20Mar10 at 9:06

    I also recommend the Zinester’s Guide to Portland: http://pdxguide.org/

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