know any Movers & Shakers?

Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers nominations are open from now until November 10th. Here’s the list of people who have already been honored. Does anyone remember if someone made a hyperlinked list of these names? I seem to recall one but am having trouble finding it.
update: Thanks Amy, it’s Connie Crosby who made the excellent hyperlinked Movers & Shakers list.

2 Responses to “know any Movers & Shakers?”

  1. amy Says:

    Connie Crosby did over at

  2. Connie Crosby Says:

    Mine was just for 2008. Cindi put together a Google Docs spreadsheet to help compile data on all past Movers & Shakers. It doesn’t have all links, but it is a full list in alphabetical order I believe. There is a link to it from her blog Citegeist: