Michigan Library Association – talks and notes

I gave a talk today at the Michigan Library Association: What Works: More My Library Less MySpace.

It was an all new from-the-ground-up talk about appropriate social technologies with some decent (and local!) examples of libraries that are doing Library 2.0 stuff, especially Twitter. I almost always rewrite my talks somewhat, but using the excuse that I wanted to learn to use Keynote, this time I started from scratch. Unfortunately I don’t have a sleek 150K html page to share with you, but I do have the slides in PDF or flash format. The librarians in Michigan are always excellent to talk to and with, and have a great sense of humor about forever being compared to Ann Arbor District Library in things technological. They liked my John Blyberg joke. I heard that Kevin Yezbick was supposed to be live Twittering my talk but blogocoverage seems to be thin. I have gotten a few Facebook friend requests, Twitter adds, and one really nice MeFiMail (MetaFilter’s in-house mail system) from a member who came to my talk and enjoyed it.

This morning I wandered around downtown Lansing and marvelled at some of the lovely buldings including the downtown library. I’d show you some photos but despite all my blabbing about 2.0 Tech, I left my USB cable at home. I get back to New England tomorrow and will be chatting Scriblio with Casey before heading home to a snowy Vermont and a sock sale. Thanks very much to everyone in Michigan for making me feel so welcome.

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  1. signs of the times… « alongside the coughing cat… Says:

    [...] 9th, 2007 by caro Click the link to view the flash slideshow of the presentation Jessamyn West (Librarian.net) delivered yesterday to the Michigan Library Association. If you don’t like flash, she has the [...]

  2. heidi Says:

    Your presentation at MLA was definitely the highlight of my day! Thank you so much for coming to visit us in Michigan :) I suppose there might not have a lot of live Twittering/Blogging at any of MLA because internet access was not free and I think it cost something like $10 for one hour of access at the center. It’s too bad…

  3. An impressive MLA conference « The MALC Blog Says:

    [...] Next came Catalog 2.0, a look at how EMU, CMU, MSU and the Clinton-Macomb library are revising their online catalogs to become more user-friendly and interactive (ie tags, reviews, comments, rss, etc). Some highlights: -An open source ILS model that EMU reviewed was based upon VUFind (Villanova University’s catalog). Rationale for interface design discussed as well– seecatalog and note the Table of Contents links, Place Hold link, book cover jpeg, and location link to map -The MSU speaker showed the impressive features found on Encore (now a feature on their catalog). Note jpegs, relevancy rankings, book summary, your results sidebar, and table of contents as features -Since The CMU catalog had not been changed in 9 years, faculty and students formed a focus group to provide direction about selected features (still in the works(?)). Expected features shown include comments, book summary, and advanced search as main interface (minus keyword search if I remember correctly) -The Clinton-Macomb public library is very user-friendly with many features too. Try a search to see what I mean (here) I had just talked about OPACs not less than 2 weeks ago and here the suggested changes I had thought were a ways off are being incorporated into OPACs now. Next, I went to a very entertaining presentation by Jessamym West (slides here). Her own blog posting about the event can be found here. [...]

  4. John Says:

    Your “John Blyberg joke”, eh? Hey, glad to be of service :)

  5. rich Says:

    great looking slideshow. looks like it was a thought-provoking presentation.

  6. Sarah Washburn Says:

    hope to hear more about the socks!
    wish i were in vermont. my socks need updating…

  7. Lauren Says:

    The fact that the O RLY? owl (as well as 2.0 RLY?)was in your silde show made my day. There are so many interesting social technologies out there…I am distracted enough by just facebook. I’m impressed that you get things done besides dinking around online. Thanks for the great presentation!

  8. Michael Sensiba Says:


    Your presentation at the Michigan Library Association was by far the best presentation I’ve seen in a long while, and should be used as a case study in all LIS programs on connecting with your audience, customizing content for the situation, and bringing knowledge, passion, humor and authenticity into your presentations. The library world (and snowy Vermont) is lucky to have you.

  9. Simon Chamberlain’s library weblog » Blog Archive » Noted briefly Says:

    [...] Jessamyn West: presentation at Michigan Library Association: What Works: More My Library, less My Space (unless My Space works for you). Which seems sensible. And wins huge points from me for including a picture of the O RLY? owl on page 4 of the presentation, an image that is pretty much burned into my retinas since someone started posting it dozens of times a day on a forum I moderate.  But I digress. Go read. [...]