Noted without any more comment than “this is awesome to my personal refined humor sensbilities.” I give you lolbrarians. If you have an LJ account, consider contributing. I have. If you’re wondering wtf, you can Google lolcats or perhaps lolbees and see if it becomes any clearer. If not, don’t worry it’s just a stupid joke. (rated SC for “some cussin’”)

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    [...] In the vein of the Lolcats (of which I can never seem to get enough), the Lolbrarians have been making the rounds as of late on librarian blogs. Much of the humor is lost on me as I'm a newbie in the world of LIS, but I can never pass up on some librarian cheesecake. Rawr. Posted by Sho on May 4th, 2007 | Filed in Libraries, LIS, Librarians | [...]