MLA in Sturbridge MA, anyone going?

I’ll be giving a talk in Massachusetts on Wednesday afternoon about technology tips for tiny libraries at the MLA Conference. I’ll be getting in late on Tuesday and staying until early on Thursday. MLA is one of those conferences that only pays your registration for the day you are scheduled to speak so I’m not sure how much other MLA stuff I’ll be doing but this is just to say that 1) I’ll be there if folks want to come to my talk, get some lunch or walk around in the exhibit hall 2) I’ll be attending the dinner Wednesday night and would probably love company so look for me 3) I’ll be missing all the cool stuff later in the week (trivia, Keith Michael Fiels, Michael and Jenny and Jessa) because I have to get back home and staff my drop-in time, but I hope it’s great.

2 comments for “MLA in Sturbridge MA, anyone going?

  1. 30Apr07 at 8:54

    Sadly, I won’t be at MLA, but if you pass through the Westford/Chelmsford area on your way, certainly drop me a line. And have a great talk.

  2. 01May07 at 4:01

    Eric and I are presenting on Friday–arriving Thursday afternoon, so I guess we’ll miss you, and you’ll miss us. Bummer!

    You’ve seen this talk before anyway .

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