READ posters, please make your own

Unlike the Springfield Public Library or the Librarian Trading Cards, there isn’t currently a tool to do this, but this LISNews post encourages librarians, and anyone I guess, to make their own READ posters and add them to this group pool. A good fun project while you’re unpacking and dealing with conference re-entry.

One Response to “READ posters, please make your own”

  1. Steve Lawson Says:

    Done. One of our circ guys is a great photographer and Photoshop artiste, and he has done a series of READ posters for Tutt Library over the past few years.

    The posters were some of the first images I uploaded to Flickr. Flickr, for their part, had our account set to not display in public areas because a large percentage of our first images (like the posters) were “not photographs.” But I’ll take the risk on getting banned again.