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  1. Susan
    13Jan06 at 9:44

    And it is hideous. Did their graphic designer have the flu, so they handed off the design work to the colorblind high school intern? I’ve seen much better RML stuff out there already — own a bit of it, actually.

  2. Administrator
    13Jan06 at 10:41

    I have to agree with you there. They must have in-house designers, right? I’ll go with the flu explanation.

  3. 13Jan06 at 11:08

    The context for the phrase in the FBI agent’s email was “While radical militant librarians kick us around, true terrorists benefit….”

    So, how about another cute button with the slogan, “Proud to be of service to true terrorists”?

    Interesting, too, that the American Library Association didn’t think to mention itself on its RML button.

  4. 13Jan06 at 11:46

    It is also interesting that it is sold via the OIF and NOT through ALA’s main catalog ‘o stuff.

    At least all of the proceeds go to OIF. Still, it seems kind of chicken-hearted to not have it available right along with posters, bookmarks and other “important” stuff.

    Me, I’ve been sporting one from my bosses cafepress store for a few weeks now; and it’s much nicer looking.

    Thanks for the heads up though Jessamyn.

  5. 13Jan06 at 1:07

    I hated them so much I made my own. On sale now at Librarian Avengers. Same price. Ain’t Capitalism grand?

  6. sarah mae
    13Jan06 at 9:01

    And how long did it take them? There were many cafe press stores with t-shirts, buttons, etc. weeks ago

  7. Robert Lindsey
    19Jan06 at 10:24

    Sounds Nazi to me. I do like Erica’s button much better.

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